Car and Bike License/Papers Pouch Bag

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Keep Car Paper Safe, Use License Pouch Bag! Car Documents Holder + Bike Documents Holder made in own factory with PU Leather



Paperwork does not have to be folded as case is large enough to fit all forms of the registration and insurance information in 49 states (except CA). Everyone must have one of these. Every year you can slip your new insurance card and registration into the sleeve of the holder. It keeps stuff handy and accessible when needed and saves you the frustration of digging for it in the glove box while a state trooper nervously watches every move you make. This practical case is perfect to maintain your car paperwork secured, organized and protected. Inside have six clear sleeves for easy display automobile papers and gas card in. Keeps documents free from tearing, bending or being ruined by moisture.

  • This vehicle document holder made with Nylon Material Vehicle Registration & Insurance Card Storage Wallet, Driver License, Credit Card ID(Not Fit Car Owner Manual Big Size).
  • Perfect Size:25.5 x 12 cm, Color: Brown. This excellent quality Two Vehicle Document Storage organizer.
  • Multiple Pockets: 4 Pockets (2 Transparent Pockets For ID Cards), 1 Pocket for Bank Documents, 1 Zipper Pocket For Cash, 1 Pocket for Vehicle Document, 1 Long Pocket for to keep Other Bank/Vehicle Documents
  • Strong & Safe Closure: closure of the wallet is too strong that’s why you can carry your important document while you travel outside.
  • Easily can carry Money And Other Important Travel Documents along with vehicle document pouch.

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