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Adopting special silicone ingredient, DE-RUST & LUBRICANT can foam a protective film on the metallic surface so as to prevent the surface from contacting with moisture and air, thus avoid the surface from oxidizing and rusting.

Category: Brand: Flamingo


1.SPRAY PAINTING: Brush painting and dipping are acceptable for the using of this product.
2. SLIGHT RUST: Spray it on the metal surface and then brush it, clean it with clean water about 10-15 minutes.
3. MODERATE RUST: Spray it on the metal surface, prolong the time that the liquid stay on the metal surface, then wiping or de-rusting it again are also acceptable, it would be better if cleaned with clean water.

4. SERIOUS RUST: Dipping in the de-rust lubricating till the layer of rust is cleared away. Better effect will be obtained if the gusher of de-rust lubricating is heated up to 150℉.

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