BIZOL Diesel System Clean+ d60 250ml

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Cleans completely injection system and protects against corrosion increases the cetane number reduces emissions and consumption of fuel

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BIZOL Diesel System Clean+ d60 Pack Size : 250ml

Product Description: BIZOL Diesel System Clean+ d60 dissolves deposits in the diesel injection system and in the combustion chamber caused by low quality fuel and high fuel sulfur content. Increases the cetane number and improves the ignition performance therefore saving fuel. Protects diesel systems from corrosion and wear. Reduces wear through extra lubricity molecules. By reducing emissions it is environmentally friendly. It is suitable for all Diesel Common Rail and Diesel Injector Unit Systems. How to use A 250 ml can is effective for up to 75 liters of diesel fuel. It can be poured in the fuel tank at any time; it is self-mixing. For preventive maintenance use every 3rd tank filling. In countries with low fuel quality recommended for continuous use.

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