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MOTOREX RACING PRO 4T 10W/40 CROSS is a mineral engine oil tailored specifically to the latest generation of four-stroke motocross bikes. It meets all the requirements of Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Honda for use in their factory bikes and motocross models.

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MOTOREX RACING PRO 4T 10W/40 CROSS engine oil is a high-performance speciality product specially developed for MOTOREX Racing Support and its participation at the highest level of racing. It offers exceptionally good high-temperature stability and shear strength and effectively reduces friction in engines.Even under the toughest racing conditions it offers your engine the best wear protection possible and also guarantees maximum clutch protection. Thanks to its lubricating properties, RACING PRO 4T 10W/40 CROSS is the perfect engine oil for high temperatures.

  • developed and used by MOTOREX Racing Support
  • tested and proven under the most extreme racing conditions
  • exceptionally high shear strength and friction reduction
  • very high level of wear protection
  • withstands the highest loads during races

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