Motorex Formula 10w40 Synthetic Blend 1L

৳  1,100

100% authentic engine oil. Semi-synthetic engine oil For 4-stroke motorcycles with engine lubricant mix For protection of the gearbox and clutch Wear-resistant engine And resistant to high temperatures.

Category: Brand: Motorex


High-quality synthetic blend motor oil for four-stroke motorbikes. This oil offers a very good level of protection for engines, gears and clutches in all fields. JASO MA2 approval guarantees the fault-free functioning of wet multi-disc clutches.

Available in three viscosities, FORMULA 4T was specially developed for use in motorbike engines. Ideal for motorbikes with wet multi-disc clutches. Fulfils the manufacturer’s requirements with regard to all specifications.

  • API SG
  • API SH
  • API SJ
  • API SL
  • JASO MA2

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