Gladiator chain lube 220ML

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Gladiator chain lube 220ML Effectively protects the chain from rust caused by rains, and lubrication lasts up to 600km.



  • Product name: Gladiator motorcycle chain lube
  • Capacity: 220 ml
  • Product Code: GT108
  • Protects chain from corrosion
  • Smooth ride and good performance
  • Reduces friction, wear and squeaking noises
  • Superior protection
  • Increases lifetime of gear chain
  • Ensures maximum smoothness
  • Increases chain durability
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Engineered in the USA & Manufactured in China
  • Certification: CE
Special lubricant that does not easily attract grit and grime. It cleans and lubricates the chain, prevents it from rust, wear and resists water wash-off.
The special antiattrition formula can form a high lubricant film on the metal surface. Heat resistance and low friction leads to long protection.
High permeability to lubricate between thin gaps.

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