YAMALUBE 20W-40 Semi Synthetic

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YAMALUBE 20W-40 Semi Synthetic is a unique formulated mineralizedĀ  motorcycle engine oil, produced by YAMALUBE. This premium mineral lubricant can enhance motorcycle engine performance and durability.

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  • Created with a special MINERAL composition and a balanced innovative synthesis.
  • A unique formulation is engineered that enhances oil stability
  • The technology resists bike stress and gives your bike a longer life.
  • Higher API grade and new formulation optimizes engine productivity.

Performance and Benefits:

  • Prevents clutch slippage and enhances clutch performance for high bike responsiveness.
  • Exceptional wear protection at start-up and effectively lubricates under high temperature.
  • Provides exceptional engine, gear & clutch protection exceeding specification requirements and extending the bikeā€™s life.
  • Protects engine from wear, sludge, deposits and oxidation.
  • Shear stable viscosity

Main Application:

All types of four-stroke motorcycle engines requiring JASO MA2 or MA, API SN lubricants

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