Telesin Screen Protector for GoPro Hero Max

৳  450

Telesin Screen Protector for GoPro Hero Max Realistic picture and more than 99 % transparency Much higher transmittance than PET screen protector.


TELESIN 2pcs Tempered Glass Screen Protector Film 2.5D 9H Ultrathin Full Coverage for GoPro Max Camera Accessories.

Hardness: 9H, 3 times harder than PET screen protector. the screen will not get scratched even using hard object such as knives and keys.

Delicate touch: On back side of glass coated with a strong silicone layer to make installation easily and attached screen tightly so as to not affect sensitivity of touch screen.

Anti-shatter: The glass screen protector will not broken into small piece with sharp edge. It still keeps a whole piece of screen protector to protect your phone screen against scratches.

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