TCX 9407W STREET 3 WP Brown Boots

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TCX 9407W STREET 3 WP Brown Boots re waterproof, safe and comfortable motorcycle shoes



Waterproof Sports Motorcycle Sneakers Tcx 9407w STREET 3 WP Brown Data sheet: Material: Full grain leather, Lining: Water resistant T-Dry membrane Protections: Malleoli with D3O® inserts, reinforced toe and heel Closing: Lacing system with elastic band to stop the laces Features: GROUNDTRAX® SOLE: Groundtrax® outsoles are designed to ensure optimal stability, grip and traction both on the footpegs and on the controls, and once off the saddle. ZPLATE midsole: Sturdy laterally, flexible in the front.The ZPLATE insert in the midsole maintains the right flexibility of the shoe, for optimal comfort while driving and walking FOOTBED: OrthoLite® with durable and highly breathable cushioning HOMOLOGATION: CE certified in conformityto EN13634:2017

24/7, the most comprehensive range of motorcycling footwear devised to ride safely and stylishly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. TCX® has always placed a particular focus on listening to and analysing the needs of its reference target and it is thanks to these listening and comprehension skills that the brand has been able to accommodate the needs of such a quickly-evolving market. New segments arise and the opportunity arises to meet all the needs of those motorcyclists who use their bike as a means of transport to get to work or during their free time, offering a range of footwear that blends in seamlessly with their lifestyle, with their way of dressing and with their way of being without forgoing protective solutions, which are essential for bikers. This large portion of motorbike enthusiasts were unaware until now that they could find a range of footwear that is perfectly in keeping with their world and all featuring CE Certified safety characteristics, thanks to systems that protect the malleolus, heel and toe areas. The new 24/7 range was devised with them in mind, and it is split into 3 segments, depending on the types and styles of use.

LIFESTYLE: Versatile footwear, which easily matches everyday casual and modern clothing, with innovative stylistic solutions, such as the famous sneakers, which are painstakingly designed to protect the foot and ankle.

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