RAVENOL Motobike Engine Cleaner/Flush

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RAVENOL Motobike Engine Cleaner/Flush is suitable for motorcycles with and without wet clutch.




RAVENOL Motobike Engine Cleaner Shot is a highly effective cleaning concentrate with lubricating components for the efficient cleaning of all motorcycle engines (with and without catalytic converter). In general, RAVENOL Motobike Engine Cleaner Shot can be used in all motorcycles to clean the oil circuit to remove dirt, resin, residues, coking and sludge deposits. Cleaning-intensive surfactants effectively remove these contaminants when draining off the used oil, thus neutralizing harmful motor acids.

RAVENOL Motobike Engine Cleaner Shot thus ensures reduced fuel consumption, improved engine performance, less wear on the units and longe catalyst life.


Neutrality towards sealing materials.

Improve the performance of the engine by removing deposits.

Extend the life of the engine.

Cleaning the entire oil and lubrication circuit.

Remedy for dirty engines.

Protection against loss of compression in the area of the piston rings.

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