Motul 3100 Gold 20W50 (Semi-Synthetic)

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Semi-Synthetic Engine oils are more reliable for engines and Motul brings Motul 3100 Gold 20W50 Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil with Ester-Technology for ultimate protection of engine and increase performance. Motul is one of the leading engine oil brand from last 150 years.

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Motul 3100 Gold 20W50 Semi-Synthetic Lubricant designed to provide protection of engine and smooth clutch control. In high speed, engines required a high performance engine oil to get less vibration and easy controlling. This grade of Motul is perfect for 4-Stroke engines for prolong engines life and easy gear shifting.

Motul 3100 Gold 20W50 Semi-Synthetic Specifications

Brand Motul
Model 5100
Engine oil type Semi-Synthetic
Viscosity 20W50
Warranty Type No Warranty
JASO MA2 4- Stroke moto
1 Liters

Performance and Benefits:

  • It will help to get ultimate wear against valve train.
  • Thermal stability enhanced for better performance.
  • Engine vibration and noise gets reduced.
  • provides smooth clutch control.
  • It gets JASO MA2 and API SM performance specification.

Main Application:

All 4 stroke motorbike engines Road and off road bikes.

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