Mannol Chain Lube

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Mannol Chain Lube is a fully synthetic white grease for highly loaded and fast-moving chains of street and racing motorcycles as well as custom bikes



It distinguishes itself by its resistance to high (up to 260 °C) and low temperatures as well as water, dust and soiling. The microceramic elements contained in the composition of the grease ensure reliable lubrication and anti-scuffing properties.

Thanks to highest adhesiveness it is suitable for highly loaded and fast-moving chains, while the chain transmissions are reliably protected against corrosion. This product prevents chain stretching, which extends its working life.

Mannol chain lube is a Vollsynthetisches White Grease for hochbelastete and fast moving chains from roads and racing motorbikes and custom bikes. It is characterised by resistance to high (up to 260 °C) and low temperatures as well as water splashes and sand getting in cracks and crevices, dirt. The Mikrokeramischen elements in the composition of the lubricant fat areas Reliable resistant to Antifress, wear-resistant properties. Thanks to the most powerful.

  •  Has good water resistance, does not wash off with hot water when washing equipment;
  • Smoothly cares for chain seals of any cross-section (O-ring, X-ring, W-ring);
  • Reliably protects chains from corrosion;
  • Prevents chains from stretching, extending their service life;
  • Neutral to rubbers, plastics and paint coatings.

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