LS2 FF353 Rapid Street

৳  6,000

LS2 FF353 Rapid Street Perfect fit to your head from outside to inside and Shell and configuration of the EPS liner should match closely the human head shape



LS2 FF353 Rapid Helmet

The best technology – the new LS2 FF353 Rapid interprets the basic compromise between high level protection and easy design. This new helmet of the LS2 range is molded in HPTT, a mix of ABS giving a total safe structure with a very light weight, three shells, breath deflector, Class A visor and quick release system. This helmet is perfect to be used for daily rides in the city and really comfortable for mid-distance journeys.


  • Made of HPTT
  • 2 shell sizes
  • long oval helmet design
  • approved to ECE 22.05
  • weight: 1300 g (+- 50 g)


Visor features:

  • Built with 3D Optically Correct “A Class” Polycarbonate (a space-age polymer with high resistance to impact, that avoids distortion and offers maximum clarity)
  • Quick release system
  • Scratch resistant
  • UV resistant
  • AntiFog system

Comfort interior features:

  • Removable and washable
  • Breathable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Laser-cut foam

Security system features:

  • To ensure good protection special attention is paid to the shell shape design and materials to minimize the effects of a possible impact.
  • Quick release strap
  • Reinforced chin strap
  • Multi-density EPS
  • Neck roll

Ventilation system features:

  • Channeled ports
  • Chin vent
  • Top vent
  • Exhaust port
  • Breath deflector

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