Idemitsu 0W-20 Full-Synthetic 4L

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Idemitsu 0W-20 SP/GF-6 is a fully synthetic formulation with robust additive technology, enabling engines to achieve maximum levels of efficiency, torque and horsepower. Idemitsu 0W-20 helps extend engine life by minimizing wear and keeping the engine free of harmful deposits, delivering extended drain intervals and protecting emission control systems.

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Maximum fuel economy:

  • High-quality synthetic base oil
  • Advanced friction-modifying additive technology
  • Reduced friction and improved lubricant flow characteristics
  • Delivers the highest level of fuel economy

Engine protection without compromise:

  • Unique and potent additive components minimize the formation of deposits, even under extreme operating conditions
  • Provides outstanding protection against engine wear

Low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) control:

  • Optimized detergent chemistry
  • Eliminates LSPI (also known as stochastic pre-ignition) events, most common in certain TGDI vehicles operating at low speeds and high loads

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