HONDA Ultra HMMF Multi Matic CVT Fluid 4Ltr

৳  4,000

Is fully consistent with the specific transmission system HMM and unlike product HONDA ATF-Z1 is more durable. This transmission fluid can not be used in vehicles with automatic transmission, as well as with the systems of CVT, equipped with a torque converter (!), So use the product HONDA ATF-Z1.

Category: Brand: Honda OEM


Honda company as a special fluid for transmission system HMM (Honda Multi Matic) is a new transmission fluid HONDA HMMF (Honda Multi Matic Fluid). These products provide the system CVT (HMM – one of its variants), based on the method of starting the clutch in cars Honda. Since it is a special fluid for transmission of HMM, compared with transmission fluid HONDA ATF-Z1 features that it meets the transmission system, and is enhanced in terms of durability.

The volume of the oil change:
3.1: Civic / Civic Ferio
3.2: Fit / City / Jazz / Civic Hybrid (car with 2WD) (2003-2008)
3.8: HR-V (auto with 2WD)
3.7: HR-V (auto with 4WD)


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