Hayaidesu THE STORM Handgrip Green

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Hayaidesu The Storm Grip provides a sense of comfort when driving by absorbing vibrations from the motor when accelerating, so that the rider can be more comfortable when driving.



Hayaidesu THE STORM Handgrip

Length : 12 cm
Outer Diameter : 3 cm
Inner Diameter : 2.4 cm (Right) & 2 cm (Left)
Balance and control are very important parts of driving. And Hayaidesu believes that good design and advances in technology can help. Our research center is proud to present an innovation that will satisfy even the most demanding riders with a new product.
The Storm Grip Hayaidesu Handgrip features the following: * Ergonomic design structure * Super Soft compound material * High-tech molding * Special formula dr Hayaidesu Driving with poor grip is not only uncomfortable, but also very dangerous.
Universal Motorcycle Hand Grip
The Hayaidesu Handgrip Collection can be the right choice for you, especially those who ride motorbikes every day. Because the material is soft, soft and anti-slip. Will make it comfortable to drive.
Having a comfortable handgrip while riding a motorcycle or any other vehicle that uses handlebars can provide several benefits. Here are some of them:
-Reduced Hand Fatigue
-Better Grip and Control
-Improved Riding Experience
-Reduced Risk of Injury
Overall, having a comfortable handgrip can provide a safer, more enjoyable, and less fatiguing riding experience, and can help you ride for longer periods without discomfort or injury.

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