Flamingo Quick Fresh Deodorizer 220ml

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This product is made of high quality raw materials, which is antibacterial, deodorant and anti-static. It can effectively remove the mold, bacteria and smoke in the narrow space caused by daily use.

Category: Brand: Flamingo


Buy best Quality Antibacterial and Solution For Foul-Smelling

Suitable for automotive interior, automotive air conditioning and home use!


High Quality
Eradicate Odors
Solution For Foul-Smelling
Use for Old and Smelly Car

How To use:

  • Switch on the ignition and the air conditioning, And Switch the air system to internal circulation, Open all the air-outlet.
  • Place product on the passenger side mat, making sure that the atomizer jet does not directly strike the
  • dashboard. Press the distribution button until it fixes it the valve.
  • Step out of the car, close the Door and Windows. Wait until the spray can is completely empty.
  • Leave product to act with the engine running for at least 10 minutes. Allow fresh air to circulate in the car before getting in.


Net: 220ml
Type : Aerosol Spray

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