Faito Roller Ball racer for R15V3 and MT15

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Faito Roller Ball racer for R15V3 and MT15 design makes them suitable for the accommodation of radial and axial loads. Benefits include increased operational reliability, as well as reduced sensitivity to misalignment.



MXSERIES PERFORMANCE STEERING CONE Faito MX-Series Performance Steering Cone have tapered inner and outer ring raceways between which tapered rollers are arranged.
• DURABLE, LOW-MAINTENANCE tapered roller bearings.
• HIGHER TORQUE LOAD and better wear.
• HEAVY-DUTY TAPERED BEARINGS for higher load and better wear than ball style steering bearings. • TAPERED ROLLER BEARINGS decrease maintenance along with less wear and longer life.
• DESIGNED AS A DROP-IN REPLACEMENT to upgrade OEM ball-type bearings to taper bearings Outer Ring (where ball-type bearings are used by the OEM).
• KITS CONTAIN UPPER AND LOWER TAPERED BEARING SETS (CUP & CONE) along with specially designed seals to keep water and dirt out and grease in.
Faito Roller Ball racer for R15V3 and MT15
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