Elegant Helmet Carry Bag

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Elegant Helmet Carry Bag Perfect for Motorcycle Helmets, Cycling Helmets, Baseball Helmets, Climbing Helmets, Ski Helmets, Riding Helmets, Equestrian Helmets, Hockey Helmets, Skateboarding Helmets, as well as all of your sporting gear.

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হেলমেটের প্রতি প্রতিটি বাইকারের একটি আবেগ জড়িয়ে থাকে, আর সেটিতে Scratch কিংবা হারিয়ে গেলে তো কথাই নেই। দামী বা কমদামী বলে কোন কথা না। আপনার আবেগেকে সব সময় আগলে রাখুন নিজের কাছে। আর এর জন্যই MotoAuto নিয়ে এসেছে আপনাদের কাছে Elegant Helmet Carry Bag.

Motorcycle helmet bag approx. 50CM*50CM (20″x 20″), big enough to store a helmet, gloves, bag, book, shose, basketball.

These Velvet bags come with drawstring, easy to open and close, great and convenient for hanging helmet.

The helmet bag made of high quality Velvet Cloth, very delicate and elegant can be reusable.

This low cost storage type bag made of high quality Velvet Cloth can protect your item or helmet from scuffs and scratches.

Use to store small motorcycle helmet, hockey helmet, bicycle helmet, ski helmet, riding helmet, basketball, soccer, but also use to hanging shoes. Very nice as fancy bags for presenting gifts for party favors, wedding, Festival and any events and celebration.

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