Double Key Acid Proof Disc Lock

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Double Key Acid Proof Disc Lock Best security lock for bikes also Durable and long lasting.




The Taiwan “Top Disc Lock” of the lock is by Taiwan the Riel Industrial Co., Ltd. R & D and manufacturing. The products are sold in the United States, Europe, Japan and other countries, and occupies more than 50% share in the market of high-grade lock, with annual sales of a billion dollars, become international brand lock industry.FEATURES: it traditional craftsmanship and modern technology combine with beautiful, tensile, impact, waterproof, anti-acid difficult to shear, it is difficult under the saw features, is unique in the domestic like product.”Top Disc Lock” U-type lock applies to motorcycles, electric cars, bicycles and household hardware, doors and windows.Materials and processes: Top Disc Lock`U-lock shackle material super alloy steel (INDUSTRY steel) heat treated hardened, double nickel chrome surface using environmentally friendly technology, helpless, difficult under saws; main use of 1017 pipe joints, three times pulling molding, high hardness, good toughness, difficult to damage; the patent the lock cylinder selection of a zinc alloy, high hardness, failed to open, and the tensile strength of up to more than 2.5 tons, the safer is the key mining globally unique computer number, difficult to imitate, security!


  • Hydraulic lock
  • Dual lock pin & double key
  • Anti-acid hydraulic lock
  • Best security lock for bikes
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Design & Authorized in TAIWAN
  • Color : Silver
  • Material : Metal
  • Package size : 9.84in x 9.84in x 5.91″
  • Weight : 850g

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