Denso Cool Gear Cabin Filter 2540 For Honda

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Denso Cool Gear Cabin Filter 2540 For Honda DENSO First Time Fit® replacement cabin air filters are engineered for optimal airflow and filtration, meeting all OE requirements to the letter. Up to five layers of filter media are used to trap impurities down to just 0.001 microns in size.

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A relatively new feature on the automotive scene, the cabin air filter is often overlooked in regular vehicle maintenance. That’s unfortunate because the cabin air filter is just as important to the passengers as the engine air filter is to the vehicle. A cabin filter processes the air that enters the passenger compartment via the vehicle’s heating and air conditioning system, increasing passenger comfort by trapping particulates, pollen, and other irritants. Blocks mold, dust and pollen that comes from outside, and keep the air within the car clean.
*Size: 22.5cm x 23.5cm x 3cm

  • Filter designed to trap contaminants before they enter the vehicle cabin
  • Premium-quality filter media stops particulates down to 0.001 microns
  • Fleece material used contains up to five individual layers for super-fine filtration

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