Denso Cool Gear Cabin Filter 2520 For Toyota

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Denso Cool Gear Cabin Filter 2520 For Toyota replacement cabin air filters are engineered for optimal airflow and filtration, meeting all OE requirements to the letter. Maximum airflow, minimum air noise.


  • 100% Genuine (Original DENSO Parts)
  • OE quality:designed and manufactured to the same OE quality as used for new cars world-wide.
  • HVAC know-how:draw on DENSO’s exceptional understanding of cabin air filter technology.
  • HVAC friendly:no drop in air pressure that could potentially damage a vehicle’s HVAC systems.
  • Superior efficiency:help to keep the cabin free of condensation in colder conditions.
  • Super-fine filtration:High quality, premiummaterial trap almost 100% of harmful pollutants, even particles as small as 0.001 microns.
  • High capacity dust holding chamber:keeps pollutants away from the vehicle interior.
  • Traps soot, dirt, and pollen to provide greater passenger comfort.
  • Effective technology:added layer of activated carbon improves efficiency and eliminates odours.
  • Accurate fitting mechanisms:seal the filter to the housing, increasing filtration efficiency.
  • Maximum airflow, minimum air noise.
  • First Time Fit assures easy replacement, even for Do-It-Yourselfers.
  • Could fit Toyota Wish (ZNE10, ANE10, ANE11), Caldina (ST246, ZZT241, AZT241), ist (NCP61), Isis (ZNM10, ANM10),

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