Denso Cool Gear Air Filter 1320 For Toyota

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Denso Cool Gear Air Filter 1320 For Toyota an air filter, polluted air may enter the combustion engine where power is generated through a repeated cycle of intake, compression, combustion and exhaust.

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Air Filter works to remove impurities contained in the air such as dust and foreign particles to supply cleaner air to the engine.

Dirty or unhealthy air filters might get clogged, resulting in insufficient combustion and power, and shorten engine life due to damage by foreign particles.

> Premium quality DENSO FILTER
> Recommended replacement period 10,000 KMS*
> For better engine combustion and fuel mileage



Toyota corolla 2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,2019,2020+

CHEVROLET (GM)¬†¬† ¬Ľ ¬† Pontiac Vibe¬Ľ ¬† NX200¬Ľ ¬† RC350¬Ľ ¬† NOUERA 6-02

SUBARU¬Ľ ¬† Trezia ¬Ľ ¬† Allion

TOYOTA¬†¬Ľ ¬† Auris¬† ¬Ľ ¬† Avensis¬† ¬Ľ ¬† Belta¬† ¬Ľ ¬† Corolla¬† ¬Ľ ¬† Corolla Altis¬† ¬Ľ ¬† Corolla Axio¬† ¬Ľ ¬† Corolla Fielder¬† ¬Ľ ¬† Corolla Rumion¬† ¬Ľ ¬† Harrier¬† ¬Ľ ¬† Ist¬† ¬Ľ ¬† Lexus RX (Harrier)¬† ¬Ľ ¬† Matrix¬† ¬Ľ ¬† Noah/Voxy¬† ¬Ľ ¬† Noah/Voxy/Esquire

TOYOTA¬†¬† ¬Ľ ¬† Porte/Spade¬†¬Ľ ¬† Probox¬†¬Ľ ¬† Ractis¬†¬Ľ ¬† RAV 4¬†¬Ľ ¬† Rumion¬†¬Ľ ¬† Sienta¬†¬Ľ ¬† Townace¬†¬Ľ ¬† Verso ¬Ľ ¬† Verso-S¬†¬Ľ ¬† Vios¬†¬Ľ ¬† Vitz¬†¬Ľ ¬† Voxy ¬Ľ ¬† Wish ¬Ľ ¬† Yaris¬†¬Ľ ¬† Yaris (USA)¬†¬Ľ ¬† Yaris II (Euro) France

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