Car Temporary Parking Phone Number Card Plate

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Car Temporary Parking Phone Number Card Plate Very delicate and wonderful, small body, will not block the line of sight; smooth body shape and beautiful arc, and random match with your car.



There are 6 groups (0-9) magnetic number stickers, you can freely compose your own mobile phone number.

Magnetic adsorption: soft magnetic rubber number paste, easy to absorb, easy to install firmly do not fall off, easy to change the number.
Not afraid of high temperature and sun protection: ABS material high and low temperature deformation is not hot for -30°C~ 80 °C, summer instrument panel high temperature do not have to worry.
The warping plate structure design: one press and one press can switch the number display and hide, more convenient to protect the privacy of car owners.
Plastic magnetic digital paste: using ABS material to create magnetic digital card convenient, fast and stable do not fall
Professional double-sided tape: the use of professional double-sided tape fixed, fixed firmly without taking off the residual offset printing record.
Type: Temporary Parking Permit
Color: black, white
Product size: 130*35*26 mm
Applicable temperature: -30℃~+80℃
Material: ABS.
Operating Instructions:
1. Take out the number you want from the number sticker.
2. Adsorb the numbers on the metal panel in turn for installation.
3. Uncover the VHB gum at the bottom and stick it on the car.
Packaging Information:
1*parking card

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