Car Double Side Blind Spot Rear view Mirror

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Car Double Side Blind Spot Rear view Mirror offered Safe parking multi-purpose auxiliary rearview mirro also adjust the side stop line accurately.



Car Double Side Blind Spot Rear view Mirror

Product Features:
* Strong Adhesive: Waterproof adhesive, solid paste, tear off without leaving marks.
* Wide Application: it is suitable for every truck, car, SUV, RVs and vans.
* Placement on Vehicle: Left, Right, Rear
* Material: Glass + ABS
* Size: 7.5 * 5.5cm

• Multi-purpose parking insurance auxiliary rearview mirror
• You can adjust the stop line side accurately
• You can freely adjust the angle of reflection
• Suitable for installation in rear view mirrors and side mirrors

1). Select the suitable position(Can sit in the driver’s seat to adjust the installation position,in order to see the front-wheel bland spot.try to install the review mirror on the right as much as possible)
2). Tear off the the adhesive’s protective film,stick it on the selected position(Please pay attention on the adjusted position and then press tight)
3). After pasted,you can adjust to any beam angle.
4). Press the outer mirror,and adjust to the suitable view.
5). According to the paste’s character,please don’t moving,when washing the car, please do not aim the water gun at the mirror, otherwise the mirror may fall off.
1). Focus on the front-wheel round mirror,since the rear mirror is adjustable,while the front wheel mirror,please do alignment of the front wheel when install the mirror.
2). Tips:please install it at the position obstruct driving;
3). Before do any installation,please clear the position where you are going to past, and keep in dry,in order to best fit.

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