BMC Air Filter Cleaning Kit

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BMC Air Filter Cleaning Kit ensure best performance and long service life ( every 20.000 – 25.000 km )

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BMC Air Filter Washing Kit

Includes Detergent and Regeneration Oil.

Recommended for BMC Air Filters only to keep the engine clean and keep the dirt away.

We recommend using original BMC kits only, as other products may not be effective or may damage the filter permanently, thus invalidating the warranty.

The kit includes the special BMC detergent and an oil applicator (in the spray or dispenser version).

We recommend regenerating the filter (washing + oil application) every 20.000 – 25.000 km to ensure best performance and long service life.

This value is a rough estimate and can vary based on the climatic conditions and the ground on which the vehicle is used (sand, dirt roads, etc.).

The various steps to be carried out in order to regenerate the filtering element are indicated in the instructions contained in the regeneration kit.


Motorcycle Model Lifan KPR (All Version), Lifan KPT (All Version), Lifan KPV

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