Wolver Ultra Tec SAE 5W-30 4Lt

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WOLVER UltraTec SAE 5W-30 is an universal HC-Synthetic fuel-efficient multigrade engine oil of the latest generation. The exceptional properties of this high performance engine oils meet the current requirements and operating conditions of the mid-SAPS engine oils.

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WOLVER UltraTec SAE 5W-30 is an universal HC-Synthetic fuel-efficient engine oil, developed for pump-nozzle diesel engines without WIV-systems and light diesel engines from General Motors vehicles. Due to its special composition this engine oil is perfectly suitable to meet several new OEM requirements. These properties additionally enable the use in gasoline and diesel engines both in salon cars and in transport vehicles with and without turbocharger.


  • Extreme wear protection at all operating conditions
  • Excellent viscosity-temperature behaviour
  • Minimum loss through friction, more power for the engine
  • Very high cleaning capability
  • Low volatilization loss
  • High oxidation and temperature stability
  • Maximum shear stability


  • Reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emission
  • Formulation for less fuel consumption and Low Ash
  • Excellent cold start behaviour – fast supply of all lubrication points, especially of the hydraulic valve tappet
  • Stable oil pressure
  • Perfect and long lasting engine cleanliness
  • Prevents motor from incrustation
  • High performance reserves and high product stability, even at longest oil change interval
  • All-year operation


  • High-performance car diesel engines
  • with multivalve technology
  • with turbo charging
  • Direct-injection
  • pump-jet
  • CDI- and TDI motors
  • with CDi-technology
  • with diesel particle systems(DPF)
  • with catalyst technology
  • High-performance and normal four-stroke petrol engines
  • with multivalve-technology
  • with Valvetronic
  • with intercooling
  • with turbo charging
  • with catalyst technology

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