Wolver Super Dynamic Semi Synthetic 10W-40 4Lt

৳  1,950

WOLVER Super Dynamic SAE 10W-40 lightrun engine contains full synthetic components meeting the demands of high tech.

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Extreme wear protection Excellent viscosity-temperature behavior High oxydation- and thermo stability Minimal frictional loss Very high cleaning capability Low volatilization loss Effects Very good operating reliability Excellent cold starting properties – rapid supply of all points of lubrication Optimal high temperature viscosity Constant operating properties Maximum performance results Reduced fuel consumption Wolver Optimal engine cleanliness Low oil consumption

WOLVER Super Dynamic SAE 10W-40 is a highly alloyed lightrun petrol and diesel engine oil enabling by its additives, selection of grand oils and its viscosity application an energy-saving operation of car diesel engines. To guarantee the lowest viscosity of the SAE 10W-range as well as simultaneously a low volatilization loss.

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