Wolver Four Stroke Power 4T 10W-30 1L

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Wolver Four Stroke Power 4T 10W-30 –  meets the technical requirements of the world’s manufacturers of equipment and is suitable for all 4-stroke diesel and gas engines.

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High wear protection Unusual resistance to aging and oxidation Extreme resistance to high temperatures High lubricity Provides engine cleanliness Low volatility Application Modern engines of 4-stroke motorcycles.

Wolver Four Stroke Power 4T 10W-30 –  is a universal semisynthetic oil for use in modern four-stroke gasoline and diesel engines of power equipment: generators, water pumps, cultivators, soil cutters, tractors, snow blowers, lawn mowers. It is used in 4T engines of motorcycles, ATVs, scooters and other equipment, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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