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Word Invoice Template

Archiving and versioning of template invoices is cumbersome and confusing. Tracking an invoice history can thus become a time-consuming affair.

The beauty of MS Word is the ability to integrate with other programs and incorporate items from other applications and sources. You can cut and paste Excel spreadsheets, insert downloaded images, and email an invoice, all via MS Word.

Choose a Design and Download

Word is known for letting you design invoices, as well as various kinds of documents and reports. Customize your blank invoice template by adding vibrant images and tweaking its colors and fonts. Explore sending invoices in other formats as well – Excel and Google Sheet invoice templates are extremely flexible and allow for more advanced calculations.

  • The minimalist header and small font give the look a modern twist with customizable colors and space for a logo in the top right corner.
  • Ample space for payment terms and banking information follows the price breakdown.
  • This will save you plenty of time and effort, and ensure that your invoices and your business always look professional.
  • If you would like that feature, please download the Excel version.

Stuck on how to make invoices that are functional yet easy to use? With the free Microsoft from FreshBooks, you don’t have to struggle to create functional invoices for your clients. Finally a free invoice template that allows you to keep it professional and get paid. Download the Microsoft Word invoice template from FreshBooks, then simply customize and send. Make the right impression with custom, professional invoices you can send to your customers in minutes. It turns out that even a small percentage off the total bill can convince clients to get their payment in faster. The right time to send an invoice varies with the job and the client.

Recurring Invoices

Once you have used your free invoice template to create a bill you can pick whatever sending option works best for your business and your customer. Get paid faster by sending an invoice to your client once the job is done. If we can figure out why some people prefer to use Word instead of Excel , we may offer more invoices for Word. For now, this is our only one, but be sure to check out our all our other invoice templates. I created this invoice template in Microsoft Word for people who do not have Excel or for some reason want to use Word instead of Excel. I will admit I do not understand why somebody would use Word for an invoice when Excel can do the calculations for you. Padded rows and columns filled with pastel shades of blue give this invoice design a layered effect with perfect spacing and clean lines.

11 Best Microsoft Word Templates to Create Invoice – Guiding Tech

11 Best Microsoft Word Templates to Create Invoice.

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In any invoice, you will need to include billing information that clearly outlines what the invoice is for and what the customer Word Invoice Template owes for each product or service. Microsoft Word is designed for general documents such as letters and reports.

PDF Invoice Template

Invoicing customers can be a complicated and time-consuming part of running a business, but it doesn’t have to be. With our free invoice templates, you can create professional invoices in MS Word, so there is no need for expensive software. This guide offers information on the benefits of using Word, and how to use the program to create an invoice from scratch. We have also provided a range of blank invoice templates for you to download and customize to suit your business needs.

Square Invoices provides you with all the tools you need to send unlimited invoices, get paid fast, and run your business all from one place. Don’t want to calculate all the cost, discounts, and taxes manually? Why to do the labor of calculating everything manually when you can create an accurate invoice using the Microsoft Excel formulas. Download the Microsoft Excel invoice template and forget the fat finger errors.

Other than that, a highly readable design which is always a plus. A sample template from a free tool called Invoice Simple. This one, however, can be edited in-app but also works as an Excel, or Word invoice template you can download and edit yourself. Plus, their app works wonderfully well on mobile devices.

How do I fill-out an invoice in Word?

Select a Template from among our templates or the Microsoft Office template library.

Fill it out with your information, your client’s information, and a unique invoice number.

Calculate and record subtotals, totals, and taxes/fees on the invoice.

Save your invoice as a PDF.

Email the completed invoice PDF to your client.

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